Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Day 481 - First Class To London, England

Day 481 - 2nd Oct +0:00 GMT Total Miles 76499

Checked out of my Las Vegas hotel at 4:30am and headed to Mccaren Airport for my flight to Los Angeles. From Los Angeles I was flying first class to London as I had several hundred thousand air miles to use up so I treated myself to a bit of Luxury. I got to spent the 3 hours wait in the first class lounge where all the food and drinks are free, a room full of comfy seats and plasma TV’s and amazingly friendly staff. Many faces I recognised in the first class lounge including Domonic Manghan and Billy Connolly. I boarded my plane and found out I was sitting next to Billy Connolly who I ended up chatting to several times throughout the flight. The United Airlines plane was an old 767 so we did not have beds in first class and they have a really old video tape system in the arms of the chairs so you can select a movie and pause, forward and rewind the tape as you please, the TV screens were much smaller than you would expect even in economy. So I was not very impressed at what my $20,000NZ would have paid for. On the bright side the food was fantastic and the service good. When I landed at London Heathrow I got to use the first class arrivals lounge and had a lovely shower with high quality soaps etc. and then again free food and drinks. I got picked up from the airport by my family and was soon back in my home town of Gravesend.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Day 477 – 480 - Wellington, New Zealand – Las Vegas, USA

Day 477 – 480 - 28th Sept – 1st Oct -8:00GMT Total Miles 71476

I decided to fly home for a couple of weeks to catch up with my family and friends.
So I left work early on the 28th Sept and headed to the airport, I flew from Wellington to Auckland then caught a connecting flight to Los Angeles and then another connecting flight over to Las Vegas. I left Wellington at 7:30pm New Zealand Time and arrived the same day at 6pm Pacific Time. I checked in Excaliburs hotel and casino in Las Vegas and played a little blackjack before falling asleep.


The next day I woke up and played some blackjack and poker and won over $1000.

My First Days Winnings

I then decided to take a walk along the strip and see some of the famous sights and anything new which had sprung up, including Hooters Hotel and Casino.

Paris Las Vegas

The Wynn

The MGM Grand

Paris Las Vegas At Night

The Bellagio

Whilst I was at Alladin I saw Richard Kiel who plays Jaws in James Bond and also is in the film Hapy Gilmore with Adam Sandler.

Richard Kiel (Jaws in James Bond)

Whilst in Ceasars this guy was betting thousands on each number at Roulette and won three times in a row.

Serious Gambling At Ceasars

The next couple of days I was rather successful at the tables and won a few thousand dollars, but after a shopping expedition at the Fashion Show Mall, the profit dwindled. I had a great time lying by the pool, gambling and generally enjoying the sun.

Gardens Inside The Bellagio

Gardens Inside The Bellagio
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