Saturday, January 07, 2006

Day 212 - Bath, Avon, England

Day 212 – 6th January 2005 GMT Total Miles 45713

Woke up around 9am and packed up my bags and packed the car, we left Stonehouse at 10:50am filled up with petrol and headed down the M74 back into England, we drove for six hours down the M6, then M5 and across the M4 until we reached the city of Bath. This is where my best lives and he has a beautiful flat on a hill which overlooks the city.

View from James Flat

We caught up with all the news and gossip had some food, watched celebrity big brother and chatted some more. It was 3am when I next looked at my watch so called it a night.

Day 208 - 211 - Stonehouse, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Day 208 – 211 - 2nd – 5th January 2006 GMT Total Miles 45328

Another quiet week, although Scott and Joy came over with Rebecca and Joy’s Parents on the 2nd and we spent most of the day in Scott’s new house, listening to music and have a pool tournament. I travelled into Hamilton twice for shopping and so Jill can send off her passport, as we need her to get a new passport before we can apply for Australian work visa’s. The rest of the time was spent in front of the TV or asleep.

Day 207 - Stonehouse, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Day 207 – 1st January 2006 GMT Total Miles 45288

Happy New Year. Woke up at 8:30am, so much for a new year lie in. Played on my PSP for a couple of hours as everyone else was asleep. By 11am everyone was up and we had some breakfast and then sat around watching all the new year movies on TV. Jill, Scott, Joy, Rebecca and myself then went to visit there friends Gordon and Yvonne Barrie and their four children known collectively as K4 (Kerrie-Ann, Kimberley, Kayleigh and Keira) We sat around and chatted for a few hours and then Scott and Joy wanted to take Rebecca home so we headed back. Soon after Bill and Lorraine from next door popped over with their son Liam. So we had a drink and chatted for a while. In the evening after we had eaten Jill and I lay in bed and watched the top 50 countdown of comedies ever made.

Day 206 - Stonehouse, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Day 206 – 31st December 2005 GMT Total Miles 45288

Had a lazy morning in the house just sitting around in front of the TV then at lunchtime Jill’s brother and his family came over and we spent the afternoon in his new house which is next door in his bar room playing pool and listening to some tunes while drinking beer. Had a nap around 6pm ready for the evening festivities. We sat around from 10pm watching the usual Scottish new year comedies, “Only an Excuse?” which is a Scottish football comedy program and “Chewing the fat” another comedy, then switched over to watch Jools Holland bringing the bells in. After several hugs and Happy New Year all around we visited the neighbours Bill and Lorraine and sat around chatting and drinking for a few hours. Got to bed just after 3:30am.

Day 201 - 205 - Stonehouse, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Day 201 – 205 26th – 30th December 2005 GMT Total Miles 45288

Had a quiet week after Christmas, had Jill’s Niece Rebecca over for a couple of days so had to spend the day running around keeping her entertained, watched her favourite film “school of rock” a few times, which she knows every word to and she’s only two.We went shopping in East Kilbride and I picked a few new clothes and the lonely lanet guide to India, so we can plan the next part of our trip. The next day we went to Hamilton for an afternoon to meet up with Jill’s old school friend Angela Bartie. The rest of the time we have been relaxing watching TV and DVD’s.
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