Monday, May 29, 2006

Day 354 - The City Gallery

Day 354 – 28th May 2006 +11:00 GMT

Vanessa, Kate, and I decided to visit the city gallery, so we walked into the city centre stopping for a Mojo Coffee (the best coffee in New Zealand). We met Sabine at civic square and proceeded to the city gallery. The gallery was showing 3 exhibitions the main one by Micheal Smither. The first exhibition was spread across most of the downstairs of the gallery and had created creatures similar to gremlins which are protectors of the earth and protect children. It was a strange exhibition but very interesting, the second exhibition was about Faces of Change and was paintings of faces. The upstairs was dedicated to Michael Smither who had painted many pictures in a cartoonish style about his children whilst they grew up. The other section he had drawn was of landscapes which in my opinion was his better work. The Artist Michael Smither was actually present when we were visiting as he was doing a workshop for children about colour and music in art. We then visited tea shop where we all had milkshakes as the selection of tea had decreased since our previous visit. So a Chocolate and Orange milkshake for me. Then it was back to the hostel.
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