Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Day 346 - 348 - Las Vegas Party and The Chocolate Fish

Day 346 – 348 – 20th – 22nd May 2006 +11:00 GMT

Jill and I decided it was time for a party and due to my well known gambling habit and love for Las Vegas we thought it would be a good theme. Jill had spent the whole week preparing making signs and Las Vegas style props.

Jill with Michael and Simon

The party had a giant poker table, a blackjack table, a wheel of fortune.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Lots of flashy lights, some great music, mostly from Elvis, Frank Sinatra, the Rat Pack and Tom Jones (strictly no Celine Dion). We also had drinks glasses with Cocktail umbrellas and lot of straws and the last but not least a wedding chapel.

The Drinks Table


The party started with a large game of poker.

Playing Poker

Here 11 people participated and this lasted for several hours and as people when were knocked out they move onto the blackjack table and more alcohol.


Las Vegas Party

Everyone had a great night and by the end of it several people had drunkenly got married in our chapel including our very own Tom to Swedish Michael.

Tom and Michael at The Wedding Chapel

The party was lively and went on until 6am by this time we had put Shona to bed after a brief bit of confusion at 4:30am when she had walked into everyone’s room looking for the Swedish couple to play more poker even though they were asleep. In the morning/early afternoon I took everyone out to the Miramar peninsula to my favourite café The Chocolate Fish.

All of us at The Chocolate Fish

Here we had a walk on the beach then sat down at a table for twelve on the beach.

On The Beach At The Chocolate Fish Cafe

Scorching Bay Beach

It soon started to rain so we all had to move around twice inside until the café had re-arranged the tables to accommodate us.


We all had a lovely Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner depending what time people had got up. We then had some photo’s on the beach before heading back to the hostel for the evening.
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