Monday, July 10, 2006

Day 395 - 396 - A Sunny Winters Day

Day 395 - 396 – 8th – 9th July 2006 +11:00 GMT

I woke up to a warm sunny day, it’s the middle of winter the sun is shining and it is boiling hot, so decided to take my new camera which can also film video clips and film a bit of Wellington.

Maple Lodge

So at 8am I climbed to the top of Mount Victoria which takes a lot of effort especially at 8am.

View From Mount Victoria

I stayed at the lookout for about an hour and filmed the view of Wellington. I spent the rest of weekend wandering around and taking photos and filming the city.

War Memorial

I visited Cuba Street and Civic Square and walked all along the water front.

Cuba Street

The Bucket Fountain

Te Aro Park

Civic Square

Civic Square

Civic Square

Sat by the harbour and in the Marina, walked the length of Oriental Parade and sat on the beach eating an Ice Cream.

View From Civic Square

Boating Lake

The Marina

Oriental Parade Fountain

Oriental Parade Beach

I spent the next few hours copy the photos and video to my laptop and mixing some music over the clips and then posted it home for my friends and family to see what Wellington is like.
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