Saturday, June 25, 2005

Day 16 - Fort Frances - Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

Day 16 – 24th June 2005 Total Distance Travelled 6985 Miles

Woke up at 5:30am and watched the sunrise over the lake, hit the road at 11am and drove the 390 km to Thunder Bay, Crossed the time zone into Eastern Standard Time On route we stopped at Kakabeka Falls, which is a waterfall with 125ft drop. We checked into a premium hotel and had dinner, then I played table tennis, had a swim and a sauna.

Sunrise over Lake Rainy River Posted by Hello

Lake Rainy River During Storm Posted by Hello

Lake Rainy River Posted by Hello

Lake Rainy River Posted by Hello

Kakabeka, Ontario, Canada Posted by Hello

Kakabeka Falls, Ontario, Canada Posted by Hello

Kakabeka Falls, Ontario, Canada Posted by Hello

Friday, June 24, 2005

Day 15 - Winnipeg - Fort Frances, Canada

Day 15 – 23rd June 2005 -6:00 GMT Total Distance Travelled 6742 Miles

Another day on the road, travelled 430km into Ontario, from Winnipeg to Fort Francis, stopped at a picturesque town called Kenora which is on a lake for lunch.
before crossing the border into Ontario. The weather forecast says it’s 36 C today. Arrived in Fort Francis and checked into a hotel with a room overlooking Lake Rainy River. Had a huge thunderstorm, which had created hail stones the size of baseballs in other towns. Had a few beers in the hotel bar before hitting the sack.

View From Hotel in Fort Frances Posted by Hello

Kenora Posted by Hello

Day 14 - Winnipeg, Saskatchewan, Canada

Day 14 – 22nd June 2005 -6:00 GMT

It’s to hot, hardly slept, it’s 31 C and we have no air conditioning, Explored downtown Winnipeg and saw the display of painted concrete polar bears, went to walk along the riverside, but the patch was closed due to the river flooding, so looked around an area called forks which is a historical site and stayed there for a spot of lunch, went back to hostel for a siesta and then went to see Batman Begins at the local cinema, Found a nice restaurant for dinner and retired for the night.

Legislative Building, Winnipeg Posted by Hello

River has burst it's banks Posted by Hello

Concrete polar bear Posted by Hello

It's amazing what you can pick up for a dollar in winnipeg Posted by Hello

Day 13 - Regina - Winnipeg, Saskatchewan, Canada

Day 13 – 21st June 2005 Total Distance Travelled 6474 Miles

Drove 590km over 7 hours from Regina to Winnipeg and crossed the border from Saskatchewan to Manitoba, stopped on the way at a small town called Brandon for lunch, then checked into the hostel which is a 1908 Victorian house, had pizza and a few beers before crashing out

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Day 12 - Regina, Saskatchewan,Canada

Day 12 – 20th June 2005 -7:00 GMT

The sun is shining and it is around 30 C Explored downtown Regina, spent a couple of hours looking around the shops and the mall, spent the afternoon lying in the sun and reading a book in Regina park.
Went shopping for a laptop with Reece in the evening and he bought a nice little Gateway laptop. Had a Swim and Jacuzzi, then headed to a micro-brewery for dinner, where we sampled their local brew.

Regina Posted by Hello

Regina Park Posted by Hello

Regina Park Posted by Hello

Monday, June 20, 2005

Additional Post - Weather

In the first 10 days we have had a huge variation in the weather first were the Earthquakes off the West Coast which lead to Tsunami warnings, Luckily the wave was only 20cm when it hit the shore, We have experienced the worst rain in the Calgary area for 103 years, we have had Snow, Sleet, Thunder and Lightning and Blazing Sunshine. What will be next…

Day 11 - Medicine Hat - Regina, Alberta, Canada

Day 11 – 19th June 2005 -7:00 GMT Total Distance Travelled 6107 Miles

Visited the World’s tallest Teepee in Medicine Hat then went to the law courts to pay my speeding fine. Carried on along Highway one and stopped at Swift Current for lunch then stopped at Moose Jaw to see the giant Moose and then arrived in Regina after 5 hours of driving and 520km. Today the weather has been lovely and the temperature in the high 20’s. Visited the Casino in Regina and played a little Blackjack, and won on the slots.

The World's Tallest Teepee Posted by Hello

A Large Moose at Moose Jaw Posted by Hello

Additional Post - Money

Due to my speeding fine I am slightly over budget so any donations to my travels are most welcome, I can accept any amount in any currency, please pay using Many Thanks in advance Simon

Day 10 - Lake Louise - Medicine Hat, Alberta,Canada

Day 10 – 18th June 2005 -7:00 GMT Total Distance Travelled 5727 Miles

Woke up to and it was snowing, we set off on the road for another days driving in the torrential rain, the radio said it was the worse rain storm since 1902 they had 150mm in 24 hours. This caused the highway to flood so we got diverted along the back roads until we got into Calgary. We stopped at the Olympic park where the 1988 winter Olympics took place. We went on a guided tour and our Guide was the 2005 world games Luge gold medallist “Marshall” got to see the Luge, Skeleton and Bobsleigh centre and also climbed to the top of the ski jump and saw where Eddie the Eagle came second to last, we looked around the Museum there and I got top hold the actually Olympic Torch. We then carried on along highway one, I got stopped for speeding by the police, only 10mph over the speed limit on the motorway and ended up with a $124 fine. After 6 hours of driving and 500 km We checked into a Motel in Medicine Hat for the night.

Lake Louise Village in the snow Posted by Hello

View in rain at Lake Louise Village Posted by Hello

Calgary 1988 Winter Olympic Park Posted by Hello

View from top of Ski Jump Posted by Hello

Simon with Calgary 1988 Olympic Torch Posted by Hello

Simon, Jill and Reece Posted by Hello

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Day 9 - Lake Louise, Alberta,Canada

Day 9 – 17th June 2005 -7:00 GMT Total Distance Travelled 5356 Miles

Had a lazy day today, spent the morning doing our washing whilst I also cooked breakfast for three of us. Then drove to the lake which is actually 4 km from the village, It is a stunning view and has a glacier behind it. It started to rain but still I walked around to the other side and I saw a porcupine racoon, then we headed back to the hostel, had a sauna and cooked dinner.

Lake Louise Posted by Hello
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