Saturday, December 01, 2007

Day 906 - Perth, Australia

Day 906 - 30th November 2007 +9:00 GMT

So November started offa s a quite a busy month with Jill's birthday at the beginning, she was actually working on her birthday so the night before we went to one of the riverside restaurants and had a meal and a few drinks. The following weekend was the Red Bull Air Race which takes place all over the world and several countries compete where they have to fly stunt planes through inflatable gates sacttered across the river.

Red Bull Air Race

Red Bull Plane

Jill and I walked along the river from our flat and spent a couple of hours watching them race, This is quite facsinating to wtach as they fly so low to the river literally only a few feet above it. Although beacuse the route is the same for all planes so it soon becomes quite repeatative.

Planes in Their Hangars


Plane Diving

Plane Going Through Gates

Plane Going Through Gates

Loop The Loop

Diving Plane

Plane Going Through Gates

Red Bull Air Race Plane

Media Helicopter

so we headed into the city for a beer or two and then meet up with Jill's boss Shaun for another beer, ended up staying out and really celebrating Jill's birthday until after midnight. I am still working with Landcorp and really enjoying it, not much else happening other than getting up ging to work. I also got introduced to the game World of Warcraft so have spent a lot of time getting addicted to that.
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