Friday, February 01, 2008

Day 967 – Perth, Australia

Day 967 – 31st January 2008 +9:00 GMT

So it has been a busy month like usual. The first half of the month was very quiet and Jill and I just went from work to home each day. Then Jill’s parents flew over on the 23rd and we both took a week off work.
Jill With Her Parents Ann and Jim
Jim and Ann In Perth

Kangeroo With Joey In Pouch
We spent the next week doing lots of Touristy things. We went over to Swan Valley and visited a few wineries and a brewery.
Jim, Ann and Jill in Ferel Brewery, Swan Valley
We then visited Caversham Wildlife park, where I got to feed Kangaroo’s and stroke Koala’s and Wombats.
A Koala

A Tazmanian Devil
Cavasham Park

An Owl

Jill With A Bunny

A kookaburra

Us With A Wombat

A Wombat
Me With A Kangeroo

A Lizard

A White Roo
They had the coolest Donkey which pulled strange faces when you went to fed it.
A Crazy Donkey

A Crazy Donkey

We visited Fremantle and spent the day wandering the markets and shops. Then ended up in little creatures brewery. We spent a day driving around and Visting all the beaches along the coast. The 26th was Australia and we drove around both sides of the Swan River stopping at all the parks and beaches.
Cottesloe Beach

Sand Bank At Walters Point

Sunset Over Perth

Jim And Ann At Beach
That night we walked along to the esplanade and watched the Fireworks which were quite spectacular. On the 28th we drove down to Margaret River which is about 300km south and stayed at the All seasons Hotel. We did a wine tour the next day (which Jill and I had done previously in April) then the following day we drove down to cape Leeuwin and Augusta.
Ann And I At The South Western Tip Of Australia

Ann And Jim At Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse
We visited Hamlin Bay and I did a bit of swimming in the sea. The sea here was full of Giant Stingrays, these things are over 2 metres long and look quite scary when they swim up to you.
Jill At Hamlin Bay
Jim And I

Ann, Jill and Jim On Hamlin Beach
Jim, Jill and Ann

Prevelly Beach


I ended the month a little sunburnt but it had been good to have a few days of work.

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