Friday, December 28, 2007

Day 933 - Perth, Australia

Day 933 - 27th December 2007 +9:00 GMT

Well it's been a busy month starting with the cricket, The poker boys, Pete, Paul, Brian, Ross, Simon and myself went to see Australia vs New Zealand at the Twenty Twenty cricket, the ground is about 100 yards from my flat so we all meet at my place for a few drinks then went to the grounds. When we arrived we found Ross had bought us tickets in a no alcohol zone so it took Pete and I a few minutes to pursuade a few people we worked for KFC who sponsored the cricket so we were given T-shirts and a grandstand seat so we could drink and enjoy thw cricket. It did not take me long to regret wearing my New Zealand cricket shirt as Australia thrashed them. It was a good night though.

My 20-20 Ticket

Well I got offered another contract working back at Choice again this time it will be until my Austrlian Visa runs out on March. It is also almost Christmas so lots of Christmas do's we had Jill's Christmas do on the Thursday and they had it in a bar in Mount Lawley with free alchohol and lots of plates of finger food, it was a good night and the following night was Landcorps Christmas do and my leaving do (I had been there three months by now) It was held at Burswood Casino so we arrived at about 11:30am and had a work lunch and then to the bar we left about 11pm and had a lot to drink and gambled a little which naturally I made a profit of a few hundreds bucks. Then on the Monday I started working for Choice again as the guy who I trained last time I was there had decided to leave. The office had also bought a Nintendo Wii to go alongside the foozball table. Choice is a fun place to work :).

My Christmas Tree


Lots of Presents

Anyway for Christmas Jill and I headed up to Sarah and Peter's and Sarah's Parents had flown over from the UK along with her brother and his wife. We were also joined by Paul and Nicole, Jade and Roz. So a very full house. We had some beer and wine and a few cocktails opened lots of presents and had a fantastic meal which Pete prepared and cooked with a little help from stuart.

Sarah and Pete's Tree

The Dinner Guests

Pete's Christmas Salads

Turkey and Sausages in Bacon

Whole Red Emporer Fish on the Barbie

Jill and I got home just after midnight then had to to the phone rounds. It was a very lovely Christmas.
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