Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Day 340 - 342 - Jill quits her job and I start

Day 340 - 342 – 14th – 16th May 2006 +11:00 GMT

Kate who says at the hostel told me someone in here team was leaving so there was a possibility of a job at National Bank. The next day her boss phoned me and asked if I would come in on Friday for a chat. So out I went and bought a suit a shirt and a tie and the next day arrived for my interview which was just a 10 minute chat to tell me if I wanted the job it was mine. So I was to be called on Monday with the probability of starting on the Tuesday. So Jill had decided she would quit her job and run the hostel if I took the job in the bank. So on the Sunday Jill quits her job and on the Monday I was phoned and told I could start work on Tuesday but I would have to register with Manpower agency as they could not employ me directly. That afternoon I went to Manpower and registered so I could start the following day at National Bank. The downside to this was that because I had to go through the Agency I lost out several dollars an hour pay and on the company clothing allowance Anyway I had a new job. So on the Tuesday I started working for National Bank in their Private banking department which looks after all the wealthier bank clients. I look after a $2 billion dollar share and stock portfolio which I have to keep balanced. The job is basically finding and fixing other people’s mistakes. Anyway the first day went well and I enjoyed the work and the people are all friendly. So Also on the Tuesday Jill took over running the Backpackers Hostel which she is enjoying.
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