Friday, November 13, 2009

Langkawi, Malaysia

Langkawi, Malaysia - 13th November 2009

We decided to head to the town centre of Langkawi which is Kuah Town. So we got a taxi which took about 40 minutes, unfortunately most shops are closed on Fridays so very little was open, We walked for several kilometres to the Jetty to see the Eagle.

Langkawi Eagle

Jill On The Jetty

The Langkawi Eagle

We then headed back to the resort and had a bit of a rest then headed onto the beack for a swim.

Jill And Miles (And Ross) In The Sea

Flowers In Berjaya Resort

We headed back to our Villa and just as we were heading out for Dinner we heard a knock at the door. We had been warned that the Macque Monkeys were very clever and would knock on your door and wehn you open the door, they run in and empty your bar fridge before you can blink. The pesky Macque monkeys started stealing out clothes from the balcony and after I scared one away the came back in force with ten monkeys sitting on the roof of the villa and holding our balcony hostage.

Macque Monkey At Our Door

Macque Monkey On Balcony

Macque Monkey In My Chair
We closed the curtains and ignored them and they eventually went away after throwinga few tiles from the villa roof. We then had to go and say Goodbye to Miles and Ross as they were heading back to Kuala Lumpur and Jill and I went out for an Indian meal at the beach restaurant.

Jill And I At The Beach Restaurant

Night View over Berjaya Resort


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