Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Langkawi, Malaysia

Langkawi, Malaysia - 11th November 2009

Met up with Ross and Miles then got pickup up in the morning by taxi as we had a booked a mangrove cruise tour with an eco friendly company who use solar panelled boats called Junglewalla.

Mangrove Tour

On the tour we were taught all about the importance of the mangroves and shown lots of wildlife, we even saw a brown backed needle tail swift (the fastest bird in flight in the world).

Mangrove Fruit

We saw hundreds of fiddler crabs, they wrestle with their claws and the weakest gets broken off and then can decide which one to re-grow the biggest and the process starts over again.

Fiddler Crab

Hundreds Of Fiddler Crabs

Me On An Island Eating Fresh Coconut

Jill With Fresh Coconut

Our Boat

View On Mangrove Tour


A Blue Crab

A Crab
Madi was out tour guide and was very knowledgable. On the tour we stopped at an island and had fresh coconut and mango. We saw sea hawks, Brown kites, many types of Crabs and Fish and we saw a monkey fall from a tree into the water.

Ross, Miles, Madi, Jill And Simon

Ross And Miles
After the tour we headed back to the resort for an afternoon nap.

Flowers In Berjaya Resort
A Monitor At Berjaya Resort
After a nap we went to the bar for a beer and a game of pool, followed by a dip in the swimming pool and a few more cocktails at the pool bar.

Me Playing Pool
Ross, Miles, Jill and I In The Pool Bar.


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