Monday, November 09, 2009

Kualu Lumpur, Malaysia

Kualu Lumpur, Malaysia - 9th November 2009

Today we decided to by a Hop On - Hop Off bus pass, so we can travel around the city and see all the sites. We paid 38 Ringgit each and got our tickets, once on the bus our vouchers were exchanged for tickets, but they gave us child tickets and after an arguement they said it does not matter just take these. This prompted the conductors to ask if us if we were students everytime we got on the bus, obviously some sort of scam going on, but we got around all day without any problems. We first stopped at the Kuala Lumput Sky Tower, which the brochuce says is 20 ringgut to go up, but once we get to the cashier they charge 38 ringgit each and you get lots of freebie's included like a formula one simulator and wildlife tour etc. which we did not want.

The Kuala Lumpur Sky Tower

So in the end we did not go up the tower as I refused to pay double what the brochure stated for stuff we did not want to do. The next stop on the bus for us was the Royal Palace, we stopped outside and had a few photos taken, but that was as close as we could get.

Guard Outside The Royal Palace

Me Outside The Royal Palace

So on the bus again and this time we headed to The National Museum, this was only 2 ringgit and was very intetestng but full of hundreds of screaming school children running around which made it difficult to read anything. So we only spend an hour here.

The National Museum

Outside Of The National Museum

A Wooden Dragon Head

An Old Train

We then got back on the bus,by this time the rain was on again so we did almost a full loop on the bus and got off at Bukit Nana's and had a wander around the area looking for some food. We eventually found a restaurant and had something to eat then wandered around the shops and markets.

Kuala Lumpur

The latest trend here is Fish Spa's where you pay to put your feet in fish tanks and the fish nibble all the dead skin on your feet.

Fish Spa

We then got the train back to the hotel.


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