Saturday, November 14, 2009

Langkawi - Kuala Lumpur - Jakarta

Langkawi - Kuala Lumpur - Jakarta - 14th November 2009

Unfortunately it's our last day in Langkawi and Malaysia, so we had a lazy morning around the resort, had a swim and then sat on the balcony reading until our 2pm checkout. Whilst on the balcony i noticed we were being attacked by lots of large ant like creatures.

Large Ant Like Creatures

We then checked out but stayed around the resort until we got picked up by a taxi at 5pm.

Berjaya Resort Beach

Me On Beach At Berjaya Resort

Beach At Berjaya Resort

Beach At Berjaya Resort

Starting To Rain Time To Go Home.
The Taxi Picked us up at 5pm and we headed to the airport. Our flight was at 7:30pm to Kuala Lumpur and we landed at 8:40pm. Then had to change terminals and board our 9:35pm flight to Jakarta Indonesia.


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