Sunday, July 16, 2006

Day 401 – 402 - Parliament Party and Ben Elton

Day 401 - 402 – 14th – 15th July 2006 +11:00 GMT

It was time the National Banks Private Banking team to have their Annual Winters Dinner. This year they had hired the function room of the back bencher at parliament. Due to it also being Bastille Day, it was decided it would run on a French theme. So around 30 people and their partners started with free drinks at work from 5pm which French nibbles, luckily no frogs legs and escargot. We headed to the back bencher for 6:30pm and had the compulsory French Moustache drawn on our faces. Luckily the bar was free all night and some good food was served, New Zealand Lamb was fantastic and we had a great meal and a good time.

Tania And Sergia


Claire,Joe and Julia



Kate, Joe and Tania


A group of us hit the city afterwards and visited the Occidental and then on to Dock side bar. The next day I woke with a bit of a sore head, normally happens when free alcohol is involved. Had a lazy day did a bit of food shopping and then in the evening Jill and I went to the Michael Fowler centre to see the British Comedian Ben Elton. We sat in our seats with a glass of wine and enjoyed the show, Ben Elton was on Stage for 1hr 20mins in the first act and then another hour afters, the show was hilariously funny and we had a great time.

Ben Elton

After the show I headed to the pub to catch the second half of the Australia vs South Africa Tri Nations game. Australia canned South Africa 47 – 0, had a few games of pool and then called it a night.
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