Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Day 784 - Perth, Australia

Day 784 - 31st July 2007 +7:00 GMT

So it's now the end of July, the weather has been terrible with heavy rain most days, it's the wettest winter for many years here in Perth. I have changed jobs and am now working for Rio Tinto. I have a contract to do a specific job of moving users out of an Active directory folder that bypasses the proxy server. So I have to find a work around to remove over 900 users from this group, this involves adding websites to the firewall and fixing ISA server and Citrix issues as well as reprogramming routers. The job is interesting but not the most exciting place to work. Jill and I are still living at Paul and Nicole's.

Paul and Nicole's House

Living Room With Huge Projection Screen


Jade's Play Area

Dining Room

The Garden

The Patio

The Garden
DSL Service Provider