Friday, January 27, 2006

Day 232 – 238 - Gravesend, Kent, England

Day 232 - 238 – 26th January – 1st February 2006 GMT Total Miles 46063

It’s been a busy week with the reality settling in that soon we will finally be off. On the Friday I travelled into London and visited Trailfinders at Piccadilly Circus and booked and paid for my plane tickets. I decided that a few days in Singapore on route would be fun, so bought a one way ticket to New Zealand with a 8 day stop out in Singapore, we also have to change planes in Sydney, Australia. After I had booked the flights I met up with a few friends at the Famous Cock pub in Islington. We then went and saw Ginger and the sonic Circus playing at the Garage. The band was great and had an interesting opening acts of dancers and circus freaks. James also had an unfortunate incident when he got knocked out by a loose flying camera, but a few hours in A & E and he was ok. On the Tuesday I headed back into London to spend the afternoon with various friends, I started with an old work colleague at Liverpool Street and then moved onto Camden for few drinks in the Ice Wharf and then onto the man in the moon on Camden High Street. We then went into the Barfly to see the amazing Butch Walker. After the gig we got to meet Butch who was very nice again. We also met James from the band Busted, Naomi introduced herself and persuaded him to have his photo with us all.. Spent the night in London with my very good friend miles and caught the train back in the morning.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Day 219 – 231 - Gravesend, Kent, England

Day 219 – 231 13th – 25th January 2005 GMT Total Miles 45963

Ok, been a bit quiet on here for the last couple of weeks, that’s due to the fact that nothing has happened. I have just been very bored at my parents house. Been watching a lot of Television and sleeping in until lunchtime each day. Only Saturdays have I done anything vaguely energetic and that is playing hockey and have won both games I played. Anyway so what’s been happening, Jill sent off for her new passport and got it back a few days ago, so yesterday we actually spent the time online applying for our New Zealand work visa’s. It said they would take 2 – 4 weeks, but 6 hours later in my inbox I had an e-mail from the New Zealand Immigration Department saying I had been accepted and could fly to New Zealand anytime between now and 31st January 2007. So I was a little shocked as was Jill. So we are going to book flights on Friday and plan to leave on the 26th February.
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