Monday, June 26, 2006

Day 382 - Alternative Christmas

Day 382 – 25th June 2006 +11:00 GMT

Jill and I decided Christmas was not the same on this side of the world, hearing Jingle bells when it’s 40 degrees Celsius outside is crazy. A Christmas where everyone is wearing shorts and going to the beach, we wanted a winter Christmas so we organised it. So 25th June was our Alternative Christmas, Jill had decorated the lodge with two Christmas tree’s, several sets of fairy lights and many other festive decorations, we played Christmas carols all day and had hired many Christmas films.

Christmas Tree 1

Christmas Tree 2 with Presents

Saturday started off for me as a shopping day buying all the food for Christmas dinner, Jill had been busy buying presents. In the evening we put on the Muppets Christmas carol and we had a game of poker, which incidentally I won. We all headed out to the pub around 10pm as Ireland vs Australia rugby game was playing, so a few beers and we watched the game. We then headed to another bar to watch the Germany vs Sweden world cup game which started at 3am and after a Germany victory we headed home for some sleep. The two Turkeys we had bought were now cooked so time for some sleep before the hectic Christmas day. It was a busy morning with everyone in a jolly mood. We had the log fire burning and the Christmas Carols playing and we started to cook.

Warming The Wine On The Fire

Chrismas Cackers

Marissa And Jill

We had a mammoth task cooking for 29 people with one oven. The turkeys had been cooked the previous day so all that was left was sausages wrapped in bacon and all the vegetables. We had Turkey, Roast Potato’s, Mash Potato’s, Roast Parsnip, Pumpkin, Kumara, Brussels Sprouts, Peas, Carrots, Thick Gravy and stuffing with Cranberry sauce. Followed by Christmas Pudding, Cake, Pavlova and Mince pies with fresh cream.

Christmas Dinner

My Dinner

Pudding Time

Food was served and Christmas Crackers and Part Poppers exploded, everyone ate well. It took a lot of time and effort to cook but it was great. Jill had bought and wrapped up a present for everyone so it was then present opening time, everyone was thrilled to receive silly presents and then spent the rest of the afternoon and evening relaxing playing games and watching Christmas films.

Present Opening

Present Opening

Present Opening

Christmas Day Games

It was a fantastic day which everyone enjoyed. Roll On New Year….
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