Monday, October 01, 2007

Day 845 - Perth, Australia

Day 845 - 30th September 2007 +7:00 GMT

Well Jill and I have moved into our new flat which is right by the River in East Perth and only a few minutes walk into the city centre even though there are free buses which run every five minutes from 6am to 6pm and stop 30 metres from the flat.

My New Flat

Front Of My Flat

The flat a lovely 2 bedroom place, it has a very small living and dining area but a reasonable size kitchen and a bathroom and laundry room it also has a large driveway whch can fit 3 cars. It is extortionately priced but is fully furnished and we don't really need anything larger. The flat is actually part of a complex but is away from it, the buidling used to be a hotel and they knocked two rooms into one and then added our flat on the side so we have a different address and do not have to go into the complex to get into our flat. We still get to use the communal pool and facilities.

Our Bedroom

Living Area

Spare Bedroom


Living Area

Dining Area

East Perth is an area which has been redeveloped and is now becoming a prime property area with lots of riverside bars and cafe's.

Park Next To The House

Park Next To The House

Peace Grove

The Riverside Bar's And Cafe's

Jill On The Riverside

East Perth Sculpture ?

East Perth

East Perth

East Perth

Me Riverside in East Perth

I am still working at Choice and Jill is still working for AAA nursing and nursing Australia. I have spent the whole month without a laptop which is a miracle for me.
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