Sunday, November 15, 2009

Jakarta, Indonesia - Melbourne, Australia

Jakarta, Indonesia - Melbourne, Australia - 15th November 2009

We landed At Jakarta at 12:30am and sat on the tarmac while they cleaned the plane and more people boarded, then at 1:30am we took off again heading home to Melbourne.

We landed in Melbourne at 9:38am local time and were advised that a plane was at our terminal so we would have to wait a few minutes, at 10:30am everyone on the plane was getting frustrated and we eventually were allowed to get of the plane only to all be stopped by customs officials who lined 10 people up against the wall at a time and ran sniffer dogs up and down the row. After 6 runs with the sniffer dogs the group could go and then they lined the next ten up so this was another delay. By the time we got through immigration our bags were waiting for us and customs let us walk straight through to the awaiting chauffer who took us home.
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