Sunday, June 04, 2006

Day 359 – 360 - Pirates, Iron Maiden, Ice Cream and The City and Sea

Day 359 – 360 - 2nd – 3rd June 2006 +11:00 GMT

Since six long termers at Maple Lodge were leaving on Saturday Jill and I decided we had to have a sending off party so as many of you know Jill has always dreamed of being a Pirate so this was her chance. She brought many props, i.e. Eye Patched, Pirate Hats, Swords and Guns, painted many a jolly roger sign and even created a treasure chest full of pirate swag.

Pirate Jill

The Pirates Of Maple Lodge

Paul and Cristine

Simon and Michael

The party got going with everyone dressing up and the free wine which Jill and I had donated.

Nicole and Colin

Jill and I

A few sword fights later and I left with a few others to go and see an Iron Maiden tribute band. The band were playing in town and we arrived at the venue to find it had had it’s alcohol license revoked and therefore was a dry venue. The band came on at 10pm and played all the classic Iron Maiden riffs and even some of the new ones. By 12:15am the crowd had dwindled from 150 to just 15 yet the band carried on, we decided it was time to leave the gig and get back to the party, we arrived back at the lodge and the party was still in full swing, with a shiver me timbers and pieces of eight everywhere, the hidden treasure had also been found. By 3am the party had died and everyone gone to sleep.
On Saturday Sabine and I went for a drive around Lyall Bay and then had to do some weekly shopping we stopped on the way back on Oriental Parade and had a walk along the beach, I’ve been telling everyone about a small Ice Cream shop called Kaffee Eis which does sell the best Ice Cream in the World take my word for it. I had Watermelon Ice Cream and Sabine Passion fruit, they are so fruity and tangy. So good. When then sat on the beach in the sun eating our ice creams then we had to rush home and say goodbye to Shona and Tom who were leaving the lodge.
On Sunday I drove a group of us down to The City and Sea Museum, The museum had a special exhibition of black and white photos of Wellington over the years. The museum started with a section which had the years 1900 to 2000 and an item and some text about what had changed or happened in Wellington in that year. The history was amazing at how the city had developed. Also downstairs was some live music from different bands who changed every hour and the black and white photos of Wellington which was all very good. The upstairs was more based on the sea and harbour area of Wellington, which talked about the tragedy of the passenger ferry sinking and other shipwrecks and the weather around the harbour. The whole museum was fascinating and definitely worth a visit especially because it is free.
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