Friday, March 17, 2006

Day 274 - 281 - Wellington, New Zealand

Day 274 - 281 – 16th March 2006 +13:00 GMT Total Miles 59504

Well I have now been in Wellington for a week, I have taken a drive around the Miramar peninsula and seen some amazing scenery, The boat used in the film King Kong is even docked over there. Jill and I have both opened bank accounts and have been searching for a flat. Unfortunately most of the lettings agents presently have no property and when they do they are rented in a matter of hours. The original flat we were supposed to get was let out the morning after we arrived.

View From The Flat We Did Not Get

View From The Flat We Did Not Get

We found another in the local paper which said viewing at 4pm Saturday, so we got there are 3:45pm and it had already been let. We have had one crazy night out on the town as we were celebrating two birthdays and the fact hat Vanessa is leaving Wellington to visit the south island. An interesting job opportunity has also arisen, but I will not know for sure until next week if I have the job, but fingers crossed. So it has been a busy week and I have finally got to know Wellington. The only downside that I did not realise last time I was here is how windy the place is, Chicago is nothing compared to this place, it has gale force winds almost every afternoon, at least the sun is shining at the moment but probably only for another month or so as we move into winter here.
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