Monday, September 04, 2006

Day 452 – My New Flat

Day 452 – 3rd September 2006 + 11:00GMT Total Miles 62954

I decided to move out for the hostel as I was getting less and less sleep each night, most people in the hostel wanted to party every day and I unfortunately had to get up put on my suit and go to the office every day. So two other people from the hostel, Huw and Kate decided they would move in with me, Jill decided to stay as she needed to be on site in case of any problems and it was a free room at the hostel. So We found a flat in Hataitai in Wellington about a twenty minute walk to the city centre which had spectacular view over the sea, the airport and Evans Bay. It is a three bedroom flat with a large living room, a kitchen and dining room and also a utility room. I hired a trailer and one of kate’s friends helped me pick up a Bed, a desk, a table and some chairs etc. The landlady gave us a washing machine, dryer and fridge freezer, it was a busy day as the house is at the top of 77 steps, but it is worth it for the view.

View From My Bedroom

Night View From House (60 Second Eposure)

Night View From House (30 Second Eposure)
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