Saturday, September 01, 2007

Day 815 - Perth, Australia

Day 815 - 31st August 2007 +7:00 GMT

It has been a bit of a bad month, the lovely dog Sheeba started tilting her head and we were not sure what was wrong so took her to the local vets in Padbury and they said that there was nothing wrong with the dog. She still seemed happy but was kind of losing her balance, anyway she still loved her walks so I took her down to the dog beach on Saturday afternoon as I usually do and ran straight into the water and then kind of fell over sideways. The current sucked her under and she got pulled out underwater into the Sea. So I dived in and had to pull her out she was not moving and some over lady on the beach hung Sheeba upsode down to get the water out of her lungs. The dog started to move but was certainly not in a good state. I rushed home and she was taken to Murdoch University vets who examined her properly and said she most likely had an inner ear infection. Whene I jumped in an rescued her I had my wallet and mobile phone in my pocket which kind of stopped working after it gets in the sea. Anyway the dog had lots of medication and after a few days Sheeba seemed no better she was having difficulty jumping up onto the sofa so we took her to the local vets again to get some more medication. A few days later the dog started to whine a lot and did not even attempt to jump up anywhere, she was really losing her balance. I still took her out for walks as she seemed to love this but not to the beach. At about 2am in the morning the dog tried to jump up onto our bed and missed completly fell back and hit her head on the wall and then just lay there whining and not moving. It looked like she had damaged her spine. So I phoned the vet and they said carefully put her on a board and put hee in the back of the car. So we did this, it was horrific outside with torrential rain and high winds and we drove at 2:30am about 10km to an open vets and the dog did not move. When we pulled into the car park we opened up the boot and the dog jumped out and started running around the car park as if nothing was wrong. Over the next few days the dog lost it's balance more and more and refused to go outside the back garden, so it was living in the house full time with us now and it started refusing to eat so back to the vets we went, who said we needed to change her diet and just get her eating. over the next 2 weeks she had another 3o r 4 vets vists and showed no signs of improvement so it was suggested she has an CT Scan and some blood tests, now these tests costs thousands of dollars so i had to contact Paul and Nicole who gave the go ahead. So I drove Sheeba back to Murdoch University vets where they kept her in for a couple of days as she was so weak due to not eating. Two days later i went back down to pick her up and she was running around and eating as if nothing had ever been wrong. Unfortunately this only lasted a few days and she started to rapidly deteriorate she seemed to get completly paralsed and started to have ceasures and was constantly yelping in pain. We took her to the local vets a few more times to get pain killers for her but she could not even stand up so I had to take her back to Murdoch University vets for her to be put down. This was one of the hardest things I have ever done. This poor dog had been my life over the last 3 weeks, feeding her and walking her each day, and she had been the closest thing to me ever to die. She was by far the most loving and happy dog I have ever come across, Even the Murdoch University vets loved her and had a sweepstake to see who could take her home at night. Anyway Jill and I were most upset and the Murdoch University vets sent a card to the house telling us that she was the nicest dog they had ever had and the card had the dogs paw prints on it. Poor Paul and Nicole were going to come back from there holiday to no dog and a bills for many thousands of dollars. Paul and Nicole sent us some lovely flowers for the experience we had to go through.

Flowers from Paul and Nicole after Sheeba's Death

I had now finished my contract at Rio Tinto and got a new work contract at Choice Aggregation Services again as one of the support staff had left and they needed me to cover until they find a new person and then train them. I was using my laptop and it suddenly died on me, it would not power up, so i took it into the Sony repair centre who had a look at it and they quoted me $1890 to repair it. Role on the end of August it has been a terrible month. After speaking with my parents in the UK I found out the insurance company would pay the repair cost of the laptop as it was worth $4500, anyway I decided to upgrade and bought myself a new Dell XPS M 1330 laptop, which looked lovely so I placed an order only to find that it would take 8 weeks to deliver. I even bought Microsoft Office 2007 with it, so another $3300 spent. Paul and Nicole came back from their travels around Europe at the end of August and Jill and I moved into a 2 bedroom flat in East Perth.
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