Thursday, March 09, 2006

Day 273 - Sydney - Wellington, New Zealand

Day 273 – 8th March 2006 +13:00 GMT Total Miles 59473

Arrived at Sydney Airport and had to follow the transit signs, go through security and make my way to the gate for my next flight. I had just under 3 hours and since it was quiet I curled up on some seats and tried to get some sleep. I must of slept for about 45 minutes before the gate got busy with people chattering. I had a quick walk around and then just before 9:00am we boarded. The flight was just over 3 hours and I Landed in Wellington, New Zealand around 2:15pm local time. I queued and immigration with all my paperwork which I had spent so long organising, and when we got to the counter they just stamped out passport with a Blue Stamp saying Permit to Work, they asked for no paperwork, no proof of savings, no medical certificates etc. Well that was easy so I waited for my bags which arrived very quickly and then into a shuttle bus to the hostel. I arrived at the hostel around 3:30pm and Vanessa an old work colleague from England had given me the door code so I let myself in and collapsed in the living room chatting with a few people staying there until the couple running the place arrived at 5pm. They checked Jill and I in and we unpacked, the room is fairly small, but has a double bed, a wardrobe and chest of draws, we also have a small sink. Vanessa got back from work about 5:45pm and we said a big hello and then we walked into the city for some food. When I say city it seems more like a large town, as the population is under 400,000. We ended up eating in a pub on the outside balcony, which was nice, the sun had been shining all afternoon and it was a lovely evening. We headed back to the hostel after we had eaten and promptly fell asleep.


Blogger The Human Skittle said...

glad to hear all went smoothly!

am so tired! have been a dirty stop out this weekend - left my house around 2pm sat and got back sunday at 5pm ish! kitty hudson goodness!!!

hows the flat hunting going?

6:11 AM  

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