Thursday, March 02, 2006

Day 266 - Singapore

Day 266 – 1st March 2006 +8:00 GMT Total Miles 53478

So this morning I walked to Orchard Road which is the main shopping area some call it the Fifth Avenue, the Regent Street, the Champ Elysees. The Via Veneto and the Ginza of Singapore.

Orchard Road

Well that would not be wrong it is a stretch of a couple of miles filled with Shop and Shopping malls, which is over run by tourists trying to find a bargain. Orchard Road was about a 20 minute walk from out hotel and we started exploring a huge borders which happened to be the first shop we came across, from then on it was mall after mall after mall, until our feet hurt. So stopped of at many Cafe’s and food courts simply to top up our fluid levels and the heat and humidity is almost unbearable. We ended up buying a few of the latest movies for around £2-£3 each what a bargain, In the UK they would be about £20 each. After several hours of shopping we found an MTR station and bought a ticket to Outram Park. The station are large an airy the tickets have a chip in them so you just hold them against a panel as you walk pass and the gates open, like how the oyster cards work in London. The trains are all open so you walk from one end to the other without going trough any doors and as you would expect in Singapore the trains are spotless. Our journey only took about 10 minutes and cost about 65p but that included the deposit for the train ticket. When you finished with the card you return them and you get a refund. We then walked back to our hotel and I decided to take a little nap. I awoke 4 hours later and decided that it was a mistake. Now we headed off to Clarke Quay to find a nice restaurant beside the water.

Our Restuarant Beside the Water

We walked along the Singapore River until we reached Clarke Quay and it was ever so busy.

Clarke Quay

We found a nice place and sat right beside the river and ate and drank.

Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay

We walked back on the opposite side of the River.

Clarke Quay

Jill on the Bridge

We passed a park area covered in lights and groups of people flying some kind of remote controlled planes, which were covered in hundreds of bright lights.

Friends we Met by The River

We walked back to our hotel and sat and watched a bit of TV and a few movies but were not tired enough to sleep. So I visited the local shop and got some food for a good late night snack, after eating and watching more TV I eventually decided to sleep but it was about 4:30am by now.


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