Monday, February 20, 2006

Day 250 – 256 - Gravesend, Kent, England

Day 250 – 256 13th – 19th February 2006 GMT Total Miles 47201

Jill’s parents are staying with us for the week, as my parents are in Egypt, so on the Monday we just spent the day looking around Gravesend, stating at the canal basin we walked through Gordon Gardens and along the waterfront. We had a look at the statue of Pocahontas the Indian princess who died and is buried in Gravesend. On Tuesday we spent the morning shopping in Asda and the afternoon we spent wandering around Rochester, looking at the castle, the cathedral and the Dickens related shops. We returned my sister dog to her house in Walderslade as we had also been dog sitting all day and then stopped at The Cock pub in Luddesdwn on the way home for a quick drink, They sell the best Guinness here. On the Wednesday we picked up my Grandma and we drove to Bluewater, we spent several hours looking around the shopping mall which is the biggest in Europe and we all had a nice lunch at the food court. In the evening Jill’s parents friend Michael came over from Ramsgate, we all went to Conham to the Old Leather Bottle for a meal and then we spent the evening chatting and catching up. On Thursday we drove to Canterbury and spent the morning looking around all the old high street and the Cathedaral, we had a walk along the high street and passed Marlow Theatre, we found a nice pub for some lunch ad then carried on driving until we reached Deal on the south coast, we had a walk along the beach and then to the end of the pier, It was freezing cold. We then carried along the waterfront until we reached Deal castle and then walked back into town stopping for a hot drink and a cake on the way. We drove back to Gravesend via Dover and was back home by 6pm. On the Friday Jill and her mum Ann went to Bluewater whilst I picked up my grandma and we sat in the conservatory with Jim for the day chatting. Jim and I went to meet the girls at 6pm and we stayed for a fantastic meal at La Tasca, Tapas at it’s best. That night Miles I picked Miles up from the station and we spent the rest of the evening chatting away with her. On Saturday Morning my Uncle and Aunt turned up and we sat and had a nice cup f tea for a few hours then they left to see my Grandma, I then went and picked up James from the station and we all spent the night catching up on old times and then my sister and paul and her friend Lianne turned up and we ordered an Indian Takeaway for nine. We all had a nice meal and a good conversation.. Sunday was a quiet day with the farewell’s to James and Miles, we spent most of the day in the house just reading and tidying up.


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