Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Day 265 - Singapore

Day 265 – 28th February 2006 +8:00 GMT Total Miles 53475

Woke up at 2:30am, this jetlag thing is a pain, but got back to sleep after a couple of hours. Finally got up again around 11am and left Jill to sleep and went for a walk along the Singapore River. Took a few minutes to get my bearings and find which direction was the city centre.

Colourful Bridge on the Singapore River

The humidity is awful here as within a couple of minutes you begin to sweat, it’s only around 32 C today, well it’s actually pretty much 31C or 32C every single day of the year as Singapore is only a few miles from the Equator. After a short walk I went back to the hotel and spent the next hour or so by the pool cooling off and reading my book. When Jill was awake and ready to go out we walked back along the river into the city, we passed Clarke Quay which is an area full of riverside bars and restaurants.

Clarke Quay

We passed Parliament Lane and the Raffles landing site. We took a short walk around the parliament area.

Singapore Parliment

Singapore Parliment

Then crossed the bridge over the river to Boat Quay and settled at a waterside restaurant for a nice cold beer.

Jill at home with a cold beer

A pint of Tiger beer cost about £1.30 so fairly cheap, we sat by the river watching the bumboats go by. Singapore is not as busy as I thought it would be, there seems no hustle and bustle to it.

Victoria Memorial Theatre

Victoria Memorial Theatre

We took a walk along Boat Quay and then made our way through China Town. We found a small bakery and bought some drinks and cakes to munch on the walk back.

Our Hotel Room

Jill trying on the Guest Robe

We had a rest in the hotel and then went to the hotel restaurant, you have a choice of a buffet and you pay depending on the type of meat, i.e. $22 (£7.88) for Poultry $28 (£10.03) for Fish and $29 (£10.39) for Mutton, then you help yourself to starters, salads, vegetables, soup and a pudding, but tonight we choice of the menu. The meal was very good and a reasonable price, so we visited the local shop and headed back to the room, where I tried to have a webcam conversation with my father and then watched the local television.


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