Monday, March 06, 2006

Day 270 - Little India, Singapore

Day 270 – 5th March 2006 +8:00 GMT Total Miles 53514

Spent the morning in Little India exploring the various spice stalls, markets and small boutiques.

Little India

The area is amazing and so easy to get lost in their small world. People are sitting on the sits of the pavement eating dinners of rice with their fingers.

Streets of little India

Bikes in Little India

Once we had thoroughly explored the area we made our way through various sopping malls and past Raffles hotel to Marina Square. We sat down by the harbour and looked across at all the boats and barges going about their daily business. We walked around the harbour until we were at Merlion Park which has a huge lion squirting water out it’s mouth.

The Merlion

Me by the Merlion

You get a great view of the Theatre on the bay, which looks like a giant pineapple.

Me by the Harbour

The Theatre on the Bay

View of Theatre and City

We walked back along the Singapore river until we reached Boat Quay and here we sat down for a meal and a beer. Food was great and they even had baked beans, just what an British person misses.

Bird Statue by Boat Queue

Our hotel in the middle

We then walked back to the hotel and watched the film Narnia, which was quite poor once you have read the book, the film seemed to try to hard to be an epic like lord of the rings as opposed to actually following the book. The Series that was on television several years ago was much better. In the evening well at midnight they had the Tottenham vs Blackburn game live on TV so sat in bed and watched the game which was fantastic with Spurs winning 3-2.


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