Saturday, December 10, 2005

Day 178 - Christchurch - Sydney, Australia

Day 178 – 3rd December 2005 +11:00 GMT Total Miles 31429

Packed up my bag, not quite sure how I manage to fit everything in my bag each time but some how it fits. Checked out of our room and put our bags in storage at the hostel. We then had a wander around the city and saw an army ska band playing at cathedral square and then had a browse in a book store. We then found a bar and had a pint and played some pool for a couple of hours. We got back to the hostel just after 2pm, at 2:40pm our shuttle bus turned up for the airport which was 20 minutes earlier than we had booked it. We arrived at the airport at about 3:15pm in plenty of time for our 6:45pm flight, but when we got there all the check in desks for Qantas were closed. I found a Qantas employee who checked on the computers and informed us that our flight had been cancelled two months ago and we had been re-booked on the flight at 6:45am this morning which we had missed. After talking with ticketing we got a late check in on the 3:35pm flight but we had to hurry. So we had to check our bags and get our boarding passes, then we had to go to the bank and pay departure tax of $25 each to leave the country, then run through the airport to security, go through security and then get to the gate and get on the plane. It was a very hectic 20 minutes and probably the shortest time I have ever had to wait for a plane. Due to our late check in we had separate seats at opposite ends of the plane but the stewardess shifted a couple of people around and manage to sit Jill and I together. Due to the changing of planes Jill did not get a vegetarian meal. Anyway we got into Sydney three hours earlier than we were suspecting and our bags were first off the plane. We caught a shuttle bus to our hostel which is Eva’s Backpackers in Kings Cross and checked in. We got a decent sized room and they have free internet and a garden on the roof. We rested for a couple of hours then had a walk around Kings Cross area, Victoria Street reminded me of being in Paris and the rest felt like being in London. I got a real good vibe about Sydney. Jill and I got a bite to eat and bought some beer and sat in the roof garden and had a drink and chatted with some German and Swedish guests for a couple of hours before going to bed.


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