Friday, November 25, 2005

Day 168 - Te Anua - Dunedin, New Zealand

Day 168 – 23rd November 2005 +13:00 GMT Total Miles 29652

Checked out of the hostel and packed up the car, it’s not easy fitting in 4 large rucksacks, 4 small rucksacks and 8 bags of shopping, plus whatever other bits and pieces we have bought.

View from Wooden Cabin

View from Wooden Cabin

Our Wooden Cabin

Ibon wants to come to Dunedin with us so we all squeeze in the car and today Reece drives. We stop for petrol on route and carry on along the Highway 6 then highway 1 until we reach Balclutha, we stop here and find a small coffee shop that does great food and we eat then spend a while in a book store, as Jill has to catch up on all the gossip in the girly mags, apparently Jack Osbourne and Meg Ryan are now a couple…We then carry on until we reach Dunedin, we find our hostel called Hogwartz (appropriate name considering Harry Potter comes out tomorrow) it is a huge Mansion and the rooms are massive. I decide to take a nap as I have had little sleep over the last few days and have a splitting headache and the others go to take a look around town. I wake up at 8pm when they come back and Ibon insists on cooking for us all, he makes a Spanish omelet which takes him two hours to cook. We eat and then Ibon and I play chess, he is brilliant at chess and rather than just beat me straight away he gives me a few lessons which always help. We then all go to bed.


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