Friday, November 25, 2005

Day 163 - Queenstown, New Zealand

Day 163 – 18th November 2005 +13:00 GMT Total Miles 29093

Had a long lie in and surfaced around lunchtime, Walked into town so Reece could pay his driving fine and Jill needed to request a vegetarian dinner on the boat for Monday.

Reece with his driving fine

Since we were in town we stopped for a pint of summer ale at a local bar before going back to the hostel.

Jill and I with a pint of Summer Ale

Reece and I then went off to the golf course and hit 100 balls at the driving range then played 9 holes of golf again, I did not improve with a score of 58 again and Reece got 53. In the evening we went into town and visited the worlds bar and had a couple of beers and a few games of pool. I met a guy at the bar and got talking to him and found out he lives in Cirrus Crescent in Gravesend which is about 50 yards from where I used to live. He surname McKean and he was taught at Gravesend Grammar by my father, it’s a small world. I then visited the skycity casino for a couple of hours and went back to the hostel just after midnight.
I managed to get locked out of my room and was waiting for Jill to get back, but then the guy from reception came back and let me in. Jill came back about 2am.


Blogger kateyay said...

Gravesendians all over the world!! absolutely crazy! good work!

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