Saturday, November 12, 2005

Day 153 - Nelson, New Zealand

Day 153 – 8th November 2005 +13:00 GMT Total Miles 28149

Had a fairly lazy morning hanging around the hostel until Reece and Dennis had got back from town then we all decided to go to the beach. A German guy also called Simon joined us and Jill chose a beach about 20km away at a place called Rabbit Island. We drove there and it was fairly quiet so settled down and lay in the sand reading for a while. Dennis, Simon and I then played Frisbee for a while and then Dennis and I had a long walk along the beach.

Me on the Beach Covered in Sand

When we got back to the others we decided to have a swim and Reece joined us in the water. The water was lovely and warm and only came up to just over you knees for the first 200m or so. We then built some sand castles before we headed back to the hostel.

Our Sand Castle

On the way back we decided we would all chip in again and make a big meal, so we decided on a red Thai curry and picked up the ingredients on the way. Dennis started cooking immediately whilst I showered, I then helped him finish the food and served it to the five of us. After we had eaten I went in the hot tub and Sauna for a bit and then called it a night as I was exhausted.


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