Saturday, November 12, 2005

Day 151 - Wellington - Nelson, New Zealand

Day 151 – 6th November 2005 +13:00 GMT Total Miles 28119

Got up early ad packed out bags then checked out, Had some coffee in the hostel kitchen and then phoned home for a quick chat. Vanessa turned up to wave us off and an American guy called Dennis asked if he could get a lift to Nelson.

Jill, Vanessa and I

So 4 of us filled up the car and we drove to the ferry terminal and checked in for the 1pm boat. Whilst we were waiting we went out to get some breakfast and found a nice pie shop where Dennis and I tried the Combo Breakfast, Jill ordered a veggie burger and got a pineapple and beetroot burger. We got on the boat just before 1pm and had a rocky sail across to the south island .The journey took just over 3 hours so we arrived in Picton around 4:30pm.

View from Ferry

View from Ferry

View from Ferry

View from Ferry

View from Ferry

We took the scenic drive along Queen Charlotte Drive which follows the coast for around 40km.

View from Queen Charlotte Drive

Bay on Queen Charlotte Drive

Then onto Highway 6 and into Nelson. We got to the hostel “Paradiso” around 6:30pm and had to wait until just after 7pm for the reception to re-open. We got checked in and took a look around. It has 2 kitchens and a swimming pool, hot tub and sauna, It has a reading room, TV room, Volley ball court and a large Bus in the grounds which is used as a lounge after 10pm. We went into the town centre to try and get some food but almost everywhere was shut, we finally found a restaurant that was open so ate and went back to the hostel. Several of the people we had met from previous hostels were staying here too, so we all chipped in $4 and bought 3 crates of beer, We sat in the bus and someone started to play a guitar so Dennis and I sang the blues then we all drank and chatted until the early hours.


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