Saturday, October 29, 2005

Day 141 - Taupo, New Zealand

Day 141 – 27th October 2005 +12:00 GMT Total Miles 27357

We spent most of the morning at the hostel doing crosswords and hanging out, In the afternoon we for a drive and as we drove through town we saw an elephant in a field which was not what we were expecting. So we pulled over and took some photo’s there were also several donkeys and pony’s tied up nearby.

An Elephant

Jill and a Donkey

We found out a circus was coming to town and had left the animals tied up for the day. The poor things had no food, water or any shelter and it was boiling hot. We drove on to a place called Cherry Island which is a wildlife reserve, the actually island was closed by the surrounding riverside area was lovely. So we sat down on the grass and watched the world go by for a while.

Cherry Island

A Lonesome Duck

We then took a drive around part of Lake Taupo and had a walk along the lake shore.

Lake Taupo

The Shore at Lake Taupo

One Large Duck

We then went and got fish and chips and sat by the water eating then, we bought some more food for the evening and headed back to the hostel. Reece and I jumped in the hot tub and then lay around on hammocks in the sun. Then had a few games of table tennis and went and cooked some food. In the evening we sat in the kitchen talking to a bunch of Irish girls from Belfast. Had an early night as had a busy day planned for tomorrow.


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