Thursday, October 20, 2005

Day 130 - Paihia, New Zealand

Day 130 – 16th October 2005 +12:00 GMT

Drove up to the supermarket to buy some food for the next few days as the hostel has a large kitchen to cook in. After we had finished shopping we got back the car, it had a lot of problems starting but eventually we got it going. We drove to the waterfront and stopped for breakfast, I had a great full English breakfast. Once we had eaten we got back to the car and it would not start, we tried for about 30 minutes. So Reece decided to call the AA and the car rental place as we had only had the car for 1 day. The AA turned up after an hour and said that it was an intermittent problem and he did not want to take everything apart. Reece phoned the car rental place again and they eventually agreed we could swap the car for another one when we drive back through Auckland in a couple of days. We then decided to go and have a game of tennis, Jill, Reece and I got some racquets from the hostel and went across the road to the local courts. Jill was surprisingly good at tennis and won a few games. I then played Reece and won quite convincingly 6-0, 6-2. We then went back and showered and changed, then went across the street to a pool hall that had happy hour on for the next 3 hours. So less than £1 a pint. Reece beat me at pool, when then went back to the hostel and Jill and I cooked a stir fry (hers being a veggie one) and ate it whilst having a bottle of fine wine. We got talking to a couple from Guernsey who were avid card players so I got challenged to a game of crib and played a few games with them, unfortunately I got beaten twice in the last hand. Then I called it a night and went to sleep.


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