Friday, October 14, 2005

Day 126 - Auckland, New Zealand

Day 126 – 12th October 2005 +12:00 GMT

Woke up around 9am and after we were all dressed and showered we went down to the kitchen/lounge area and had some tea and discussed where we were going to go around the north island and how long we would stay at each place. After a couple of hours we then headed out the door. We walked to Parnell Village which has lots of boutiques and small cafes.


We stopped for brunch at one and I had a full English breakfast, the bacon over here is really sweet. After we had eaten we carried on through Parnell and walked into Auckland Domain which is a large park and has the Auckland Museum in it.

Auckland Museum

The ground floor of the Auckland Museum is covering Maori history and has several Maori houses and canoes showing.

A Maori House

The second floor covers Maori Treasures and then it has sections on Land, Coastal and Oceans. They had a weird and wonderful section which had cages with Spider, Cockroaches, Chameleons, and tanks with Fish. They had loads of interactive stuff and a section called Tails and Treasures which had lots of toys and games. The top floor consisted of a war memorial and the history of New Zealand’s involvement in the wars. We then left the museum and walked through Auckland Domain.

Auckland Domain

Auckland Domain

Auckland Domain

Then passed Auckland University and into Albert Park which was full of students lying on the grass. We then walked back into the city centre and went to the top of the Sky Tower which has an observation deck at 220 Metres.

Sky Tower

This gave us fantastic views over all of Auckland. You can do a sky dive of the top of the tower although you are connected to a wire for safe landing, unfortunately this cost $185 so I did not do it.

View of Auckland from Sky Tower

View of Auckland from Sky Tower

View of Auckland from Sky Tower

View of Auckland from Sky Tower

Me at the top of the Sky Tower

After an hour admiring the view we left the sky tower and I went to the casino as it is in the same building for an hour and played blackjack, Jill and Reece went to the pub. We met up after and hour and after stopping to look around a few shops we made our way back to the hotel. In the evening we got a Taxi to Mission Bay area and went for an Indian Meal. I had the Chicken Do Piaza which was very nice with a good garlic nan and a glass of red wine. Reece had left his camera here the night before so it was an excuse for him to go back. We then got a Taxi back to the Hotel and we all went to sleep.


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