Friday, October 14, 2005

Additional Post - USA

Additional Post – USA

America is cool place, from it’s big cities and fast cars to it’s miles and miles of quiet and peaceful parkland and forest area’s. Every area is so different and you definitely will notice the southern hospitality. It has some amazing cities and are always hustling and bustling 24 hours a day like New York and Chicago. Casino’s litter the Mississippi River, Louisiana and Nevada. My favourite places were San Antonio, Seattle and Lake Tahoe, although there were only a couple of places I was not too keen on, I was disappointed with New Orleans, it is a beautiful city but it was far seedier than I expected. Anyway after visiting 30 states and driving 23,000 KM the USA has been one amazing experience and I can highly recommend a road trip.

Our Route (created kindly by Eileen Carter)


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