Friday, October 07, 2005

Day 118 - Portland - Seattle, Washington, USA

Day 118 – 4th October 2005 -8:00 GMT Total Miles 18561

Checked out of hotel and left Portland driving up the I-5 into Washington State we stopped just outside Tacoma for a spot of lunch at a diner come Casino, which I did not know until I got inside.

Happy Days Casino/Diner

Happy Days Casino/Diner

After a nice meal of Coffee, Steak and Eggs we were back on the road arriving in Seattle around 3pm. We are staying at the HI Hostel at the end of Union street, it is right in the city centre and on the waterfront. Unfortunately it is the most expensive hostel I have stayed in costing over $80 a night for a room for Jill and I. The place is Spotlessly clean but the rooms are very small. Was feeling quite tired so just stayed in the hostel and slept whilst Jill and Reece explored. I watched the film Man on Fire and played a bit of Poker online.


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