Thursday, October 20, 2005

Day 131 - Paihia, New Zealand

Day 131 – 17th October 2005 +12:00 GMT Total Miles 26858

Had to get up early as we have a busy day planned, had breakfast at the hostel and then we walked down to the Wharf and boarded the catamaran called Carino.

The Carino

We had decided to spend the day sailing around the Bay of Islands. We got introduced to the crew Phil and Vanessa, then we set sail over to Russell to pick up two others. The boat normally carries 40 people and two crew, but we picked a quiet day so there were just five of us.

One of the Islands

We had the engines running for a while until we were out in the open water and then we had all hands on deck to help raise the sails.

Me on the boat



We soon spotted some dolphins so headed in there directions, we were asked if we wanted to go swimming with them so Reece and I jumped at the chance and quickly put on wet suits and snorkels and jumped in, There were six dolphins in this pod and they seemed very friendly swimming around the boat in circles, we were told we should make ourselves more interesting to them by diving and singing to them underwater, I thought I would scare them away if I tried singing.

A Dolphin

Reece and I swimming with Dolphins

Reece and I swimming with Dolphins

Reece and I with our Snorkelling Gear.

After a swim we got back on the boat and saw another pod of dolphins in the distance, Reece and I got back in the water but the dolphins this time just swam right by us. So back on the boat we lay in the sun and dried off as we headed to the largest island in the bay. We anchored in a bay by the island Orupukapuka and took the dingy to the shore. We then walked along trail to the top of a hill so we could get a spectacular view over the bay and towards the pacific ocean.

View from Orupukapuka Island

View from Orupukapuka Island

View from Orupukapuka Island

We then had a walk along the beach and over the rocks.

Jill and Reece relaxing on the beach

Then got the dingy back to the boat where Phil and Vanessa had put on the BBQ. After we had eaten we turned around and set sail to the centre of the bay.

Jill and I having a beer on the boat

Reece and I hard at work

We soon saw more dolphins which we circled a few times before carrying on, we then saw several little blue penguins, although they tend to dive when a boat gets near them.

More Dolphins

A bit further on we saw some seals who put on quite a performance for us as we followed them for a couple of miles before they took off. The boat sailed past a couple more islands before we docked back at Paihia, we all though it had been a brilliant day and well worth the money for 7 hours on the water. Jill I and collapsed and watched the film “Finding Neverland” at the hostel before going across the road to a pub for happy hour, Reece and I played a bit of pool, then we all headed back to the hostel and cooked Heinz beans on toast. How we missed Heinz Baked Beans. Jill and I watched TV for a bit then went to sleep.


Anonymous Mum said...

What a fantastic day! I so wish I was there with you!

10:57 PM  
Blogger Matt said...

Now that's what I call all hands on deck!!

10:38 PM  

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