Saturday, November 12, 2005

Day 149 - Wellington, New Zealand

Day 149 – 4th November 2005 +13:00 Total Miles 27962

New Zealand is a lovely place with gorgeous coastlines and wonderful mountains. Food and accommodation is cheap but luxury items are very expensive, Books have £4.99 written on the back and cost £12 here, CD’s, DVD’s and computers games are twice as much as back home. Had breakfast at the hostel then Jill and I went to the National Museum which is called Te Papa. It is an amazing building and the exhibitions start on the second floor.

Te Papa

The first section we visited was called mountains to sea and covered wildlife in every form we then had a look at an X-Ray area which is a large glass wall and they have all the bones of animals setup like a skeleton. We then went to the outdoor area which is bush city and has various plants and shows rock formations and has caves with stalagmites and stalactites in it.

Views From Te Papa

Views From Te Papa

When then went into Awesome forces which shows about Tsunami’s, Earthquakes, Volcano’s etc. We went in an earthquake simulator and played with lots of interactive demonstrations. The 3rd floor had only a small area and was all about different Jewelry we did not stay here long and went up to the 4th floor, the first section was all about Maori life and artifacts which was similar to what we had seen in the Auckland Museum. Then we looked at a section about farming in New Zealand and watched a 12 minute film on life in New Zealand.

A Corn Beef Cow

We then decided to leave and head into the city for some food.

An Cool Photo near the water

Jill by the Water

Outside the museum is a old warship which they are sinking and will use it for people to dive around.

F69 Warship

We found a food court and ate then wandered around the shops, we visited Cuba Street, Courtney Place and Willis Street.


Wellington Bay

An Interesting Water Funtain

We then decided to go to the cinema and rest our feet so we went and watched Elizabeth Town which was really good. Met Vanessa outside the hostel at 6:45pm and we went to the basement bar just down the road as it was happy hour. We had a few drinks and Reece and I entered a doubles pool competition, we got through to the finals and almost won but after I potted the black the white bounced off four corners and went down so we lost. We then went out for food and Jill and I went back to Vanessa’s hostel and phoned our friends at our old job. We had another beer then headed back to the hostel for the night.

Vanessa and I


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The bucket fountain is a classic Wellington icon, along with the cable car.

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