Friday, August 26, 2005

Day 76 - Houston, Texas, USA

Day 76 – 23rd August 2005 -6:00 GMT

Got up early and crossed the road to visit Johnson Space Centre, the training and technical area of NASA. We first went on a tram ride that lasted 90 minutes and took us around the grounds of the space facility, passing the buildings that develop the food and buildings that house all the moon rocks etc. We then stopped at Historic Mission Control, where we sat in the seats previously occupied by all the presidents, the Queen on England and every celebrity you can name. Here we saw the original Mission Control Room that launched and landed all the Apollo spacecraft and many more.

Original Mission Control Posted by Picasa

We then stopped at the Mock-up room that has all the full size mock-ups of all the space craft and the International Space Station for the astronauts to train on.

The Mock-Up Room Posted by Picasa

We then headed back inside the main building and watched a short film called Blast Off which was a close view of a rocket launch, I think the Video was of launch STS-111 which Jill and I had watch launch live from Cape Canaveral a few years earlier. We then got shown a few live video feeds from the training pool where the astronauts feel simulate space walks.

Inside The Shuttle Posted by Picasa

A Model of the Shuttle Posted by Picasa

After this we saw a film presentation called “On Human Destiny” which showed man’s exploration of space and then we saw a museum of a collection of moon rocks and mock-up spacecraft.

Moon Walk Posted by Picasa

A Moon Buggy Posted by Picasa

Then we visited the IMAX theatre where we watched two films the first being “Inside the Space Station” which was 50 minutes and showed the life on the International Space Station, the second film was “To Be An Astronaut” and showed what it took to be chosen and train to be an Astronaut. The Space Centre then closed at 5pm, everything seems to close so early in the US.

Inside the International Space Station Posted by Picasa

A Space Suit Posted by Picasa

We went back to the hotel and did out washing, then drove out to Kemah which was a few miles away, this is a large boardwalk with a fairground at one end and lots of shops and restaurants at the other, after a walk around we stopped at a Mexican restaurant called “Cadillac” the food was good. We then headed back to the hotel for the night.


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