Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Day 69 - Nashville - Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Day 69 – 16th August 2005 -5:00 GMT Total Miles 12289

Set off fairly early today and drove south through Tennessee listening to Johnny Cash. We drove to Lynchburg which is a dry county so no alcohol can be bought here. Lynchburg is famous for Jack Daniels.

Welcome to Lynchburg Posted by Picasa

We drove up to the distillery gates and they say “Welcome to Jack Daniels” The distillery has tours every 30 minutes and they are free.

Me outside the Jack Daniels Distillery Posted by Picasa

We first watched a video on the estate and the employees. Then started the tour where we looked around the brickyard where the make the charcoal which the pure whiskey is dripped through, then onto the pure spring water, and into the fermenting rooms and the barreling room and in to the storage warehouses. We then bought a small sample of rare jack.

Mr Jack Daniels Posted by Picasa

A Barrell's Worth of Single Barrell Jack Daniels Posted by Picasa

We then drove into the centre of Lynchburg which is just a town square we several shops around it and here we had lunch.

Lynchburg Posted by Picasa

Then we drove onto Chattanooga where went to a top of a mountain to a place called Rock City and took some photo’s.
Then onto Atlanta where we check into the Days Inn Downtown.

View From Rock City Posted by Picasa


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