Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Day 184 - Waikiki, Hawaii, USA

Day 184 – 9th December 2005 -10:00 GMT Total Miles 36553

Had a long lie in at got up at around lunchtime, we walked down the road to Ala Moana Shopping centre and had a wander around and visited a few shops. I bought GTA for my PSP and we looked in David and Goliath store we also visited the bookstore so Jill can catch up on the music gossip. We then ate at the food court and then I went to visit the apple store. The apple store said they could help me with regards to my ipod if I made an appointment so I made an appointment for 30 minutes times and hurried back to the hotel to collect my ipod. When I got back they said my Ipod was fried and just handed me a new one. We stopped for a beer at Ala Moana shopping centre and then headed back to the hotel. In the evening we just sat around and watched TV and checked the internet before sleeping.


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