Friday, March 30, 2007

Day 659 – Esperence, Australia

Day 659 – 29th March 2007 +7:00 GMT + 120

Espernce is supposed to have the best beaches in the whole of Australia. So today we drove about 50km West to Le Grand national park. Here we parked and found Lucky Bay which is supposed to be the best beach in Australia.

Lucky Bay

Lucky Bay

The bay was lovely with white sand, the sand was very compact and hard and the top part of the beach was covered with seaweed.

The Beach At Lucky Bay

We found a spot with not too much seaweed and put down our beach mats and towels. The water was quite cold but the sand was lovely, unfortunately the tide was in so not too much of the white sand was showing.

The Beach At Lucky Bay

Jill At Lucky Bay

We spent a couple of hours lying on the beach and paddling in the water, it was quite surprising how deserted the beach was.

Me Paddling At Lucky Bay

We then had a picnic by the local campsite and then made our way to Thistle Cove.

An Australian Wasp Visiting During Our Picnic

Thistle Cove

Here we had a wander down on the rocks and watched the massive waves crash over the rocks. The Bay here also looked wonderful.

Whistling Rock

Rocks At Thistle Cove

Rocks At Thistle Cove

We then headed back into Esperence and Martin persuaded us to go to a karaoke bar. So we went to a local bar which was full of drunk locals. We had a beer and then were going to leave but some girls from the hostel turned up who Martin had promised to sing for if they turned up.

Martin Performing At Karaoke

After his first song Martin found he got a free drink every time he sang. So four hours later Martin had sung three songs and we headed back to the hostel.


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