Sunday, March 25, 2007

Day 654 - Perth, Australia

Day 654 - 24th March 2007 +9:00 GMT

Happy Birthday Sophie.
Jill got up early and went out shopping with Sarah. I got a text from Martin saying he had just left the casino it was 9:22am... Peter and I went to Joondalup shopping centre to get a few bits and then the market and bought the weeks fruit and vegetables. We then came back to the hosue and had some lunch then hired out some DVD's. We spent the afternoon watching The Departed which is a fantastic film. Sarah and Peter's friends Sarah and Simon came over as the girld were going out with the hockey club and the boys were having a poker night. The girls had to dress up as school girls and had an organised coach to atke them around the pubs, so the girls all dressed up and left around 6pm.

Jill, Sarah and Sarah

Jill, Sarah and Sarah

We drove down and picked Martin up from the station and went to Brian's house for the poker. They have a good system here the host cooks dinner for everyone then you play poker but all the money goes into a kitty and at the end of the year they spend the kitty on a night out. So tonight we had roast beef and a few beers then all played poker.
Poker At Brians House
To add to the kitty you all had to give the person to your right a name and you had to call everyone by their new names or you had a 50c fine for the kitty. So everyone had a normal name until I choose to name Martin, Susan which was very funny as everyone had to call him susan all night. Martin won the poker quite clearly and they made $420 for the kitty. Peter and I got home just after 1am while the others went off into town. The girls got in about 1:30am and we tehn crashed out.


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