Thursday, March 22, 2007

Day 651 - Perth, Australia

Day 651 - 21st March 2007 +9:00 GMT

Happy Birthday Dad.
Had a lazy morning waiting for Martin to arrive. When he eventually phoned we drove down to the station to pick him up and then drove to Whitford's shopping mall to get a few bits and pieces. We then drove up to Swan Valley. We first visited the chocolate factory and tasted all their chocolate again then we visited Lancaster Winery. Here Jill and Martin tasted there full range of wines but I was driving so none for me but I did get to taste their cheese's. We ended up buying a bottle of chenin blanc. We then drove onto Pinelli's where we stocked up on a few more flagons of wine and Jill and Martin did some tasting again.

Martin And I at the Ferrill Brewery

We then went onto the Ferrill Brewery for a quick beer before driving home. Got home and phoned my father to wish him a happy birthday then we all spent the night chatting and Peter and Sarah cooked some food.


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