Friday, March 23, 2007

Day 652 - Perth, Australia

Day 652 - 22nd March 2007 +9:00 GMT

Had to get up very early...well for me. Picked Martin up from the train station at 7:15am and drove to Hammersly to play golf. We meet up with several of peters friends and six of us went to play a round of golf. Now I have onyl played golf a few times and have not played a round for almost a year. It was ladies day at the course and aroudn 40 ladies were teeing off in front of us so we decided to play the back nine first. I was horrific I could hardly hit the ball and had an awful nine holes. Martin and Peter were doing well with only one point between them. The front nine was a lot better I got round in 59, Martin in 62 and Peter in 50. We finished playing just after 1pm and came back to the house. We had soem lunch and headed into the city. I dropped Jill off at a shopping centre and Martin and I visited the casino. We played a bit of Blackjack and some Texas Hold em, Jill turned up a few hours later and we went to get some dinner, i was up by about $200. We then went to the open air cinema on site and watched the movie Deja Vu. It was really got and when the film finished we dropped Martin off at the hostel and headed home.


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