Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Day 656 – Perth – Kalgoorlie, Australia

Day 656 – 26th March 2007 +7:00 GMT

Got up at 6am and updated my blog then checked over the car filled up the water and packed the car up. Then drove into the city centre and picked up Martin. We signed up for YHA cards in the city centre while we were stopped and then hit the road. We drove along the great eastern highway heading East for 600km. Along the side of the road is a huge water pipe, as the water in Kalgoorlie is pumped all the way from Perth.

The Pipeline

Water Tower

We stopped at Merredin for lunch here we found a nice little café. The drive took about 7 hours and there is no to much to see other then desert. We did drive through a sandstorm as the wind was starting to pick up and blows the sand across the road.

Driving Through A Sandstorm

We arrived in Kalgoorlie at 5:30pm and checked into the gold dust backpackers which is a purpose built YHA. It was probably the worst hostel I have stayed in. The hostel had nowhere to sit other than in an open area in front of the TV which was always on and turned up loud so you could not chat. They did have an outdoor area but it was hardly lit and you could not see much. The kitchen only had 2 cups and no glasses, it had no bowls and for a hostel of 60 people it was very under equipped. Almost everyone staying at the hostel was working at the mines and they also had families living at the hostel. I recommend you avoid this place. As for the town it is famous for gold, a man named Paddy Hannan first came here in 1893 and discovered gold soon after the town grew and grew and it is one of the worlds biggest gold towns now.

Me With Paddy Hannan

The town is not very welcoming and looks a bit rough is an understatement. They have a red light district which although illegal in Australia has always had a blind eye turned towards it. They even run brothel tours here. Also the town is famous for it’s skimpies, basically every pub has girls dressed only in there underwear serving behind the bar. When we arrived we went into the town centre to get some food and a beer at a local hotel. We came back to the hostel and we watched a movie and then went to bed.


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