Sunday, December 25, 2005

Day 195 - Gravesend, Kent, England

Day 195 – 20th December 2005 GMT Total Miles 44792

Woke up at 4:30am not being able to sleep, so we got up made some tea and started to sort out our holiday photos. We had managed to take just over 4700 photos so we decided we would try and cut that number down for developing. We put on Lord of The Rings while we were doing this and had finished the 3 hour film before anyone in the house stirred. At 8am the tiler turned up to Tile the new Conservatory which has just been built at the back off the house so by 8:30am every one was up. Jill and I stayed in the house all morning and I spent several hours looking at my parents computer as it will not connect to the internet. My father insured me on his car, so I then drove down to my Grandmas house to say hello. We spent an hour or so with my grandma and then went back home. Did not do much for the rest of the day other than try and rest and recover from jetlag.


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